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History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Prepared in Compliance With Acts of the Legislature, Volume 3 (1869)75,910
The Halls of New England: Genealogical and Biographical75,805
The Giles Memorial75,506
The Zabriskie Family: A Three Hundred and One year History of the Descendants of Albrecht Zaborowskij (Ca 1638 - 1711) of Bergen County, New Jersey, Volume 175,333
History of Saratoga County, New York, 1609 - 1878 (1878)74,838
Concerning the Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten Family in America: A Genealogy and Brief History74,291
Compendium History And Biography of North Dakota74,221
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bixby, 1621 - 170174,131
Andrew Newcomb, 1618 - 1686 and His Descendants74,109
Recollections of a Lifetime or Men and Things I Have Seen: In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend, Historical, Biographical, Anecdotical, and Descriptive73,868
Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America73,496
The Huntington Family in America, 1633 - 191573,153
The Book of Dow: Genealogical Memoirs of the Descendants of Henry Dow, 1637, Thomas Dow, 163973,135
History of Bergen And Passaic Counties, New Jersey (1995)73,036
History of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (1879)72,737
Walworth-Walsworth Genealogy, 1689 - 196272,638
Annals of Platte County, Missouri, 189772,593
Hyde Genealogy; or the Decendants in the Female as well as the Male Lines, from William Hyde of Norwich, Volume 272,446
Landmarks of Orleans County, New York72,168
Levering Family History71,910
History of York County, Maine (1880)71,909
History of Rutland County, Vermont (1886)71,838
History of Weare, New Hampshire, 1735-188871,667
History of Saratoga County, New York (1878)71,596
Descendants of Robert Lockwood71,274
5 of 289 pages

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