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Collection Title Est. Names
Northeastern University (Boston, MA), 1917 - 2007607,624
Bridgewater State Normal School, Yearbook (Bridgewater, Massachusetts)76,800
Williams College, Alumni Number (Williamstown, Massachusetts), 191472,675
Alumni Lists by DistantCousin Genealogy55,335
Curry College (Milton, MA), 1960 - 198852,539
Teachers College of the City of Boston (Boston, MA), 1927 - 195251,912
North Adams Normal School, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)43,486
Officers, Graduates And Nongraduates of Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 1875-1905 (1906)28,033
General Catalogue of Officers And Students of Mount Holyoke Seminary, South Hadley, Massachusetts, 1837-1887 (1889)26,150
State College at Boston (Boston, MA), 1961 - 196823,304
Massachusetts State College, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)19,067
Boston State College (Boston, MA), 1969 - 198217,118
Memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift, Ll.D., U.S.A., First Graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, Chief Engineer U.S.A. From 1812-To 1818, 1800-1865 (1890)17,008
Register of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, 1908 - 190916,976
Sibley's Harvard Graduates, Volume 3, 1678 - 1689 (1885)15,500
State Teachers College at Boston (Boston, MA), 1953 - 196013,892
General Catalogue of Amherst College, 1821 - 1910 (1910)10,706
Harvard College, Secretary's First Report, 190210,669
Cape Cod Community College (Barnstable, MA), 1963 - 19737,103
State Teachers College, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)6,074
Register of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association, 19015,984
North Adams State College, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)5,785
Cape Cod Community College, Yearbook (West Barnstable, Massachusetts)3,026
Boston University, Annual Index, 11852,769
North Adams State Teachers College, Yearbook (North Adams, Massachusetts)2,251
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