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Collection Title Est. Names
Tennessee, Old and New, 1796 - 1946, Volume 179,337
History of Davidson County, Tennessee76,716
Notable Men of Tennessee: Personal and Genealogical, with Portraits51,396
Notable Men of Tennessee, 1833 - 187537,935
Prominent Tennesseans, 1796 - 193833,199
The Frosts and Related Families of Bedford County, Tennessee24,379
Annals of the Fowler Family with Branches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, California, and Texas22,887
Armour Genealogy: James Armour of South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, 1800 - 1886, Volume 1, Part 122,115
The Dodsons (Dotsons) of Southwest Virginia and Their Descendants in Tennessee18,913
History of Tennessee From the Earliest Time to the Present16,426
Calvin Morgan McClung Historical Collection13,825
Ward Families History Records of the Eastern Cherokee Indian Tribe: Copied at the National Archives in Washington, DC10,752
Tennessee in the War 1861-186510,549
Notes of a Private9,583
Trotter Genealogy: The Virginia-Tennessee-Mississippi Trotter Line, 1725 - 19488,947
The Eckel Family of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina and Delaware7,103
Ward Family History of Virginia: Showing Their Links With the States of North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky Branches of Wards7,067
Grimes, Cook, and Related Families of Wayne County, Tennessee7,022
Notable Southern Families Hixson-Hixon of Tennessee5,149
General Thomas Love of Western North Carolina and Western Tennessee and His Brothers, Robert and James2,719
The Descendants of Samuel Hooker of the Carolinas, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois1,910
Notable Southern Families: Taylor of Tennessee1,358
Notable Southern Families: Fain of Tennessee, Descendants of Nicholas Fain1,317
Some Encounters with General Forrest807
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