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Revised Register of the Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 1866374,541
Descendants of Richard Waterhouse of Portsmouth, New Hampshire200,378
History of Rockingham and Strafford Counties, New Hampshire156,156
History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from its Settlement in 1638 to the Autumn of 189288,308
History of the Town of Rindge, New Hampshire, From the Date of the Rowley Canada or Massachusetts Charter to the Present Time, 1736 - 1874, with a Genealogical Register of the Rindge Families51,592
Family History: Anthony Taylor of Hampton, New Hampshire and Some of His Descendants, 1635 - 193536,499
New Hampshire as It is, in Three Parts34,212
John Hayes of Dover, New Hampshire: A Book of His Family, Volume 233,775
John Hayes of Dover, New Hampshire: A Book of His Family, Volume 133,422
Historical Sketch of the Town of Troy, New Hampshire30,800
The Descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire29,740
Notable Events in the History of Dover, New Hampshire: From the First Settlement in 1623 to 186528,338
The Drake Family of New Hampshire26,601
Narratives, Traditions and Personal Reminiscences: Connected with the Early History of the Bellows Family and of the Village of Walpole, New Hampshire22,848
The Gilman Family Traced in the Line of Hon. John Gilman, of Exeter, New hampshire with an Acount of Many Other Gilmans in England and America22,457
Our Thompson Family in Maine, New Hampshire, and The West18,088
Genealogy of the French Family: Beginning with Samuel French and Naomi Abbott of Hollis, New Hampshire16,892
A Sketch of the Duncklee Family and A History of the Descendants of David Duncklee of Amherst, New Hampshire16,765
One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Boscawen and Webster, Merrimack Co., NH, August 16, 1883: Also Births Recorded on the Town Records from 1733 to 185015,411
Carbon Copy of Genealogical Records and Notes on the Gray Family on New Hampshire and Maine14,597
Leonard Weeks of Greenland, New Hampshire and Descendants, 1639 - 188814,456
Historical Sketches of the Discovery, Settlement, and Progress of Events in the Coos County and Vicinity, Principally included Between the Years 1754 and 1785.13,687
The Fiske Family: A History of the Family (Ancestral and Descendant) of William Fiske, Sen., of Amherst, N. H., with Brief Notices of Other Branches Springing From the Same Ancestry13,337
The Genealogy of the Dimond or Dimon Family of Fairfield, Connecticut, Together with Records of the Dimon or Dymont Family of East Hampton, Long Island, and of the Dimond Family of New Hampshire11,496
Decendants of Jonathan Towle 1747 - 1822 of Hampton and Pittsfield, New Hampshire11,022
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