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Collection Title Est. Names
Abstract of North Carolina Wills Compiled From Original and Recorded Wills in the office of the Secretary of State55,255
North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, January 1900, Volume 1, No. 150,987
Our Kin: Being a History of the Hoffman, Rhyne, Costner, Rudisill, Best, Hovis, Hoyle, Wills, Shetley, Jenkins, Holland, Hambright, Gaston, Withers, Cansler, Clemmer and Lineberger Families47,035
Marriage Notices from the Western Democrat, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1853 - 1870, Volume 140,605
The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina38,608
Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 1846 - 185537,570
Annals Of Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1749 - 193736,536
North Carolina 1780-'81: Being a History of the Invasion of the Carolinas by the British Army Under Lord Cornwallis in 1780-'8129,073
Record of Service of the Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, August 1862 to May 186327,181
William Byrd's Histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina25,262
North Carolina Disciples of Christ25,248
Annals of the Fowler Family with Branches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, California, and Texas22,887
Armour Genealogy: James Armour of South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, 1800 - 1886, Volume 1, Part 122,115
Tombstone Records Stanly County, North Carolina, Volume 119,663
An Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 1760 - 180019,399
Colonists of Carolina in the Lineage of Honorable W. D. Humphrey16,743
North and South Carolina Marriage Records, From the Earliest Colonial Days to the Civil War16,347
A History of New Hanover County and the Lower Cape Fear Region15,506
A History of New Hanover County: and the Lower Cape Fear Region, 1723 - 180015,506
The Hoffmans of North Carolina: A Genealogical Presentation of the Original Hoffmans Who Settled in North Carolina14,599
Genealogy of the Wright Family: Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr.13,813
Colonial Granville County and its People13,629
The North Carolina Gage Family: A Genealogical, Historical and Biographical Record11,831
Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812: Detached from the Militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 181410,477
The Hamiltons of Burnside, North Carolina and Their Ancestors and Descendants10,315
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