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Collection Title Est. Names
MyHeritage Family Trees1,015,579,686
The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts19,870
Peirce Genealogy: Being the Record of the Posterity of John Pers, An Early Inhabitant of Watertown in New England16,182
Descendants of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott13,877
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Richard Porter, Who Settled At Weymouth, Massachusetts, 163513,601
Descendants of George Puffer of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1639 - 191513,294
The Early Genealogies of the Cole Families in America11,612
Edmund Lewis of Lynn, Massachusetts and Some of his Descendants9,300
A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Moses Pengry, of Ipswich, Massachusetts8,051
The Talmadge, Tallmadge and Talmage Genealogy: The Descendants of Thomas Talmadge of Lynn, Massachusetts, with An Appendix Including Other Families8,024
The Plumer Genealogy: Francis Plumer who Settled at Newbury, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants7,337
The Genealogy of John Marsh of Salem and His Descendants, 1633 - 18886,597
Porter Pedigree, Being an Account of the Ancestry And Descendants of Samuel And Martha (Perley) Porter of Chester, New Hampshire6,514
A Genealogical History of the Salem Harwoods, Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Harwood4,052
A Crosby Family: Josiah Crosby, Sarah Crosby and Their Descendants3,905
A Family Record of the Descendants of John Spofford, Who Emigrated from England and Settled at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, 16383,650
Descendants of the Reverend Francis Higginson, First "Teacher" in the Massachusetts Bay Colony of Salem, Massachusetts3,462
Genealogy of the Marsh Family : Outline For Five Generations of the Families of John of Salem, 16331,577
Ancestry and Descendants of Jacob How(e) of Rowley, Massachusetts, Baldwin, Bridgton, and Paris, Maine1,303
The Massachusetts Hemenway Family Descendants of Ralph Hemenway of Roxbury, Massachusetts, 16341,255
Genealogies of the Lymans of Middlefield, of the Dickinsons of Montreal, and of the Partridges of Hatfield1,120
Princes: Records of Our Ancestors, Containing A Complete List of All Persons By the Name of Prince Who Served in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War, 1861 - 18651,110
A Record of the Descendants of Robert Mason of Roxbury, Massachusetts906
Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Captain Matthew Fuller of Newton, John Fuller of Lynn, John Fuller of Ispwich, Robert Fuller of Dorchester and Dedham893
Peterson Family of Duxbury, Massachusetts834
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