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Collection Title Est. Names
The Winning of the West105,058
Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records36,118
The Emison Families, Revised: Origin and History of the Kentucky Emisons29,622
Littell's Political Transactions in and Concerning Kentucky24,111
Middletown's Days and Deeds: The Story of 150 Years of Living in an Old Kentucky Town19,008
Pioneer Life in Kentucky: A Series of Reminiscential Letters from Daniel Drake, M. D. of Cincinnati to His Children18,159
History of the Fuson Family, Volume 217,986
Davis, Jesse Buford, 1845 Kentucky - 1928 Missouri17,159
The Political Beginnings of Kentucky. A Narrative of Public Events..15,802
Governor Garrard of Kentucky, His Decendants and Relatives.15,765
Ohio County, Kentucky in the Olden Days15,725
Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families Who Have Taken Prominent Part in the Development of Virginia and Kentucky14,237
The Dawkins and Stewart Families of Virginia and Kentucky12,848
Hardin and Harding of Virginia and Kentucky12,639
Nativism in Kentucky to 186011,546
The Mountain People of Kentucky: An Account of Present Conditions with the Attitude of the People Toward Improvement9,783
Governor Garrard of Kentucky, His Decendants and Relatives, by Anna Russell9,586
The Irvins, Doaks, Logans and McCampbells of Virginia and Kentucky7,878
Ward Family History of Virginia: Showing Their Links With the States of North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky Branches of Wards7,067
Genealogy of the Hickman Families of Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Texas6,317
The Edwards Family of Barren County, Kentucky: History and Traditions6,154
Dickerson: A Kentucky-Virginia Family5,803
Abstracts of Pension Papers, Revolutionary War and 1812 War Soldiers, Who Settled in Hardin County, Kentucky5,749
Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky with Notes on Genealogy of the Sadowski Family5,742
Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky, Volume 25,662
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