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Gold Star Honor Roll. a Record of Indiana Men And Women Who Died in the Service of the United States And the Allied Nations in the World War. 1914-191845,889
Soldier of Indiana in the War For the Union23,743
Indiana In the War of the Rebellion23,414
Ripley County's Part in the World War, 1917-1918 (1920)19,343
Fulton County in the World War17,607
Twenty-Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry In the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 186516,487
History of the Fifty-Eighth Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry: Its Organization, Campaigns and Battles From 1861 to 186515,609
History of the Sixty-Eighth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 186514,416
Rush County War Activities, 1861 To 1918, at Home And in the Field (1918)14,332
Reunion of the 9th Regiment Indiana Veterans Volunteer Infantry Association, 1892 - 190412,768
History of the Tenth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry12,081
History of the Thirty-Third Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry During the Four Years of Civil War, From Sept. 16, 1861, To July 21, 186511,254
Seventieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry In the War of the Rebellion9,271
History of the One Hundred and Sixty-First Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry8,882
From Vicksburg to Raleigh: Complete History of the Twelfth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and the Campaigns of Grant and Sherman, With an Outline of the Great Rebellion8,749
Cass County in the World War, 1917-1918-19198,668
Souvenir, the Seventeenth Indiana Regiment: From Its Organization to the End of the War8,591
History of the Seventh Indiana Cavalry Volunteers8,443
Forty-Fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry: History of Its Services In the War of the Rebellion And a Personal Record of Its Members (1880)8,140
History of the Thirty-Eighth Regiment Indiana Volunteers Infantry, One of the Three Hundred Fighting Regiments of the Union Army in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 18657,702
Memorabilia of the Marches And Battles In Which the One Hundredth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers Took an Active Part: War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 18657,413
History of the Forty-Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, September, 1861-September, 18657,299
History of the Forty-Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, September, 1861-September, 18657,054
History of the Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry6,108
War Work of the Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Red Cross5,983
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