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Collection Title Est. Names
MyHeritage Family Trees1,015,579,686
John Lee of Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut, and His Descendants20,923
The Descendants of John Porter of Windsor, Connecticut, 1635 - 1639, Volume 120,487
The Descendants of John Porter of Windsor, Connecticut, 1635 - 1639, Volume 217,963
Marsh Genealogy : Giving Several Thousand Descendants of John Marsh of Hartford, Connecticut, 1636 - 189517,123
John North of Farmington, Connecticut, and His Descendants14,829
The Early Genealogies of the Cole Families in America11,612
The Stanley Families of America As Descended From John, Timothy, and Thomas Stanley of Hartford, Connecticut 163611,386
Martin Genealogy. Descendants of Lieutenant Samuel Martin of Wethersfield, Connecticut10,162
Pierrepont Genealogies From Norman Times to 19136,908
Chittenden Family: William Chittenden of Guilford, Connecticut, and His Descendants6,206
Sergeant Francis Nicholls of Stratford, Connecticut, 16392,433
Some Descendants of John Norton of Branford, 1622 - 17092,137
The Descendants of Stephen Pierson of Suffolk County, England and New Haven and Derby, Connecticut, 1645 - 17891,698
Prime: The Descendants of James Prime, Who Was At Milford, Connecticut, in 16441,590
Genealogy of the Marsh Family : Outline For Five Generations of the Families of John of Salem, 16331,577
The Olcott Family of Hartford, Connecticut, in the Line of Eunice (Olcott) Goodwin, 1639 - 18071,400
Genealogies of the Lymans of Middlefield, of the Dickinsons of Montreal, and of the Partridges of Hatfield1,120
The New Haven (Connecticut) Potters, 1639423
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