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The Whitney Family of Connecticut, and Its Affiliations: Being an Attempt to Trace the Descendants, as Well in the Female as the Male Lines, of Henry Whitney, from 1649 to 1878, Volume 1257,262
The History of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut194,263
Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States During the War of the Rebellion116,844
Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut100,042
History of New London County, Connecticut with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men89,474
Ecclesiastical and Other Sketches of Southington, Connecticut75,091
History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut70,936
Early Connecticut Marriages as found on Ancient Church Records, Prior to 180064,993
The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy: Edward Frisbye of Branford, Connecticut and His Descendants64,441
John Huntley of Lyme, Connecticut and His Descendants63,938
The Grant Family: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Matthew Grant60,490
Hale, House and Related Families, Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley59,183
Edson Family History and Genealogy: Descendants of Samuel Edson of Salem and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Volume 257,310
Original Distribution of the Lands in Hartford among the Settlers, 163954,185
The Reverand John Graham of Woodbury, Connecticut and His Descendants54,121
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord: an Early Settler of Windsor, Connecticut and Northampton, Massachusetts53,852
History of Wallingford, Connecticut, From Its Settlement in 1670 to the Present Time53,532
History of New London, Connecticut : From the First Survey of the Coast in 1612 to 185253,500
The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from May 1762 to October 1767, Inclusive: Volume 1252,108
The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, from May 1768 to May 1772, Inclusive: Volume 1352,053
A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records: Volume 1, Hartford District, 1635 - 175051,665
The Public Records of the State of Connecticut from May 1780 to October 1781, Volume 351,163
The Hollister Family of America: Lieutenant John Hollister of Wethersfield, Connecticut and His Descendants50,525
Vital Records of Woodstock, 1686 - 185450,097
Annals of Brookfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut49,727
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