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The Kinkeads of Delaware as Pioneers in Minnesota, 1856 - 18687,528
The Eckel Family of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina and Delaware7,103
Our Kindred: the Mcfarlan And Stern Families, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, And New Castle County, Delaware (1885)6,554
Allied Families of Delaware: Stretcher, Fenwick, Davis, Draper, Kipshaven, Stidham (1901)6,481
History of Old St. David's Church, Radnor, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 1700 - 19066,363
Genealogy of the Hickman Family, Beginning With Roger Hickman of Kent County, Delaware (1907)5,362
Gazetteers of Maryland and Delaware5,127
Scheyichbi And the Strand (1876)4,883
Genealogy of the Hickman Family, Beginning with Roger Hickman of Kent County, Delaware4,838
History of the First Regiment, Delaware Volunteers, From the Commencement of the "Three Months' Service" To the Final Muster-Out at the Close of the Rebellion4,708
Delaware Archives: Memorials and Petitions, Volume 24,293
Stout Family of Delaware: With the Story of Penelope Stout4,264
Genealogy of the Kollock Family of Sussex County, Delawarem, 1657 - 18974,245
Ancient Families of Bohemia Manor: Their Homes and Their Graves3,842
Contributions To the Early History of Bryan Mcdonald And Family, Settlers in 16893,058
Genealogy of the Kollock Family of Sussex County, Delaware 1657 - 18972,443
Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware: the Clayton Family, Volume 412,218
Early History of the Draper Family of Sussex County, Delaware2,029
Genealogy of the Richardson Family of the State of Delaware (1878)1,438
Prison Life During the Rebellion. Being a Brief Narrative of the Miseries And Sufferings of Six Hundred Confederate Prisoners Sent From Fort Delaware To Morris' Island To Be Punished (1869)929
William Canby of Brandywine, Delaware719
Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Delaware County (1900)578
Watson Family Records, Wilmington, Delaware478
The Caradoc Academy95
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