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The Jacksons and the Lees: Two Generations of Massachusetts Merchants, 1765 - 1844, Volume 269,684
A Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America 1629 - 192568,451
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume XII: Revolutionary Rolls and Newspapers68,316
The Trowbridge Genealogy: History of the Trowbridge Family in America67,854
History of San Mateo County, California, Volume 167,835
Register of Former Cadets, Centennial Edition67,249
The Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry Kingsbury of Ipswich and Haverhill, Massachusetts67,242
A Sketch of the History of Attleborough: From Its Settlement to the Division67,069
Genealogy of the Descendants of John Gar or More Particularly of his Son, Andreas Gaar, who Emigrated from Bavaria to America in 173267,035
History of Vernon County, Wisconsin66,986
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume XI: Church Records66,957
Genealogy of the Hannum Family Descended from John and Margery Hannum, Settlers in Chester County, Pennsylvania66,812
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1762 - 1825, Volume XIV: Newspaper Vitals66,512
An Illustrated History of Umatilla County66,420
The Zabriskie Family: A Three Hundred and One year History of the Descendants of Albrecht Zaborowskij (Ca 1638 - 1711) of Bergen County, New Jersey, Volume 266,263
A Record of the Ancestry and Descendants of Henry & Sarah (Thompson) Hendricks of Monmouth County, New Jersey65,861
The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American, Volume 365,626
State of New Jersey, Index of Wills, Inventories, Prior to 1901, Volume 365,290
Our County and Its People: A History of the Valley and County of Chemung, From the Closing Years of the Eighteenth Century65,271
Portrait and Biographical Album of Sangamon County, Illinois65,200
Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, 1800 - 182565,045
Early Connecticut Marriages as found on Ancient Church Records, Prior to 180064,993
Families and Descendants in America of Golsan64,701
Biographical and Genealogical Record of La Salle County, Illinois64,696
The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy: Edward Frisbye of Branford, Connecticut and His Descendants64,441
5 of 98 pages

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