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Collection Title Est. Names
Underhill Genealogy87,479
History of the Kimball Family in America, 1634 - 189786,387
History of River Scioto Valley, Ohio86,289
History of Iowa County, Wisconsin86,184
Memorials of the Family of Wemyss of Wemyss, Volume 185,709
History of Solano and Napa Counties, California: With Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men and Women of the Counties, Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development From the Early Days to the Present Time85,156
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636 - 1850, Volume IX: Seekonk, Pawtucket, and Newman Congregational Church84,612
History of Newport County, Rhode Island, 1638 - 188784,427
The Hartwells of America: A Genealogy of all the Hartwell Families of the United States and Canada, Based Largely on the Handbook of Hartwell Genealogy of 188783,464
Genealogy of the Greely - Greeley Family82,983
The Hertzler-Hartzler Family History82,709
Fiske and Fisk Family82,620
Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America82,548
Portrait and Biographical Album of Champaign County, Illinois82,533
History of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania82,332
Indexes to Irish Wills81,613
The Flickinger Family History, Including the Flickinger Families in the United States of America80,898
Westfield and its Historic Influences, 1669 - 191980,442
Gazetteer of Washington County, Vermont, 1783 - 1889, Part 180,390
The Genealogy of John Lindsley (1845-1909) and His Wife Virginia Thayer Payne (1856-1941): of Boston, Massachusetts79,868
The History of Keokuk County, Iowa79,656
Tennessee, Old and New, 1796 - 1946, Volume 179,337
The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 679,318
Registry of Deeds, Dublin, Abstracts of Wills, Volume 1, 1708 - 174579,279
A History of Shenandoah, Virginia79,085
5 of 197 pages

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