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Cross-Border Warriors: Canadian in American Forces, Americans in Canadian Forces7,442
Red Coats and Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 18147,404
Amiens: Dawn of Victory7,370
Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Corps, Canadian Command American Revolutionary Period7,212
Georges Vanier: Soldier, The Wartime Letters and Diaries, 1915 - 19196,911
Governor-General's Body Guard: History of the Origin, Development And Services of the Senior Cavalry Regiment In the Militia Service of the Dominion of Canada6,911
History of Scotland, Its Highlands, Regiments And Clans, Volume 16,692
La fonction de général et l'art de l'amirauté : perspectives du leadership militaire Canadien6,664
Second to None: The Fighting 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force6,613
Annals of Yarmouth And Barrington (Nova Scotia) in the Revolutionary War6,540
Royal Grenadiers: Regimental History of the 10th Infantry Regiment of the Active Militia of Canada6,442
History of the San Juan Water Boundary Question6,413
History of the Scottish Regiments in the British Army6,234
Education Department War Service 1914-176,120
Shot Down and on the Run: The RCAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Who Got Home from Behind Enemy Lines, 1940 - 19455,730
War History of the 1st/4th Battalion, the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Now the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire), 1914-19185,588
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: History of a Splendid Regiment's Origin5,518
How to be a Spy: The World War II SOE Training Manual5,471
Bold, Brave, and Born to Lead: Major General Isaac Brock and the Canadas5,435
Revolutionary Days: Recollections of Romanoffs And Bolsheviki, 1914-19175,359
New Zealand Wars: Maori Campaigns5,195
The Invisible War: The Untold Secret Story of Number One Canadian Special Wireless Group5,017
Guarding the Goldfields: The Story of the Yukon Field Force5,000
5th Regiment: Royal Scots of Canada Highlanders, a Regimental History4,911
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: History of a Splendid Regiment's Origin, Development and Services, Including a Story of Patriotic Duties Well Performed in Three Campaigns (1901)4,909
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