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Collection Title Est. Names
The Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925 - 194522,380
King's Men: The Soldier Founders of Ontario22,011
The Burning of the Valleys: Daring Raids from Canada Against the New York Frontier in the Fall of 178021,736
Tasmanias War Record 1914-191820,600
The War Book of Upper Canada College, 192318,827
Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley: The St. Leger Expedition of 177718,297
Scots Brigade in the Service of the United Netherlands, Volume 1, 1752 - 169717,943
Campaigns And History of the Royal Irish Regiment, 1684 - 190217,298
Old Highland Fencible Corps: History of the Reay Fencible Highland Regiment of Foot, or Mackay's Highlanders, 1794-1802, With an Account of Its Services in Ireland During the Rebellion of 179816,850
History of the Province of Moray, Volume 215,979
History of the Province of Moray, Volume 115,023
A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials, and Transportation to New South Wales of Lower Canadian Rebels after the 1838 Rebellion14,912
History of the Province of Moray, Volume 314,836
Anales De La Guerra Civil: Espana Desde 1868 - 187614,563
Queenslanders Who Fought in Great War14,300
Paras Versus the Reich: Canada's Paratroopers at War, 1942-194514,151
The Call to Arms: Montreal's Roll of Honor, 191414,082
Lancashire And Cheshire, Past And Present: a History And a Descripion of the Palatine Counties of Lancaster And Chester, Forming the North-Western Division of England13,940
Eleven Exiles: Accounts of Loyalists of the American Revolution13,609
Lunenburgh: Old Eastern District, its Settlement and Early Progress13,374
War History of the 4th Battalion, the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1914-191912,869
Militia Attestations Index, Royal Garrison Artillery, 1872 - 191512,567
History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery12,539
History of Lord Seaton's Regiment, (the 52nd Light Infantry) at the Battle of Waterloo, Volume 212,392
List of the Officers of the Army And of the Corps of Royal Marines12,196
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