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Old Cottage And Domestic Architecture in South-West Surrey, And Notes On the Early History of the Division4,846
"C" Force to Hong Kong: A Canadian Catastrophe 1941-1945 4,822
48Th Highlanders of Toronto: Canadian Militia, the Origin And History of This Regiment And a Short Account of the Highland Regiments From Time To Time Stationed In Canada4,768
Russian People; Revolutionary Recollections4,628
The Making of Billy Bishop: The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC4,615
The War of 1812: The War That Both Sides Won4,538
Sketches of Irish Soldiers in Every Land - 18814,339
Sancta Respublica Roma: Handbook To the History of Rome And Italy From the Division of the Roman World To the Breaking-Up of Charlemagne's Empire, A.D. 395-8883,747
Fragments of War: Stories from Survivors of World War II3,739
Chronological List of the Royal Company of Scottish Archers. 1676 - 17143,348
History of New Brunswick, From Its First Settlement3,288
PR: Fifty Years in the Field3,188
Origin and Services of the Prince of Wales Regiment3,147
History of the 12th Regiment, York Rangers2,968
Tip of the Spear: An Intimate Account of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942 - 19452,912
Army Lists of the Roundheads And Cavaliers, Containing the Names of the Officers in the Royal And Parliamentary Armies of 1642 (1863)2,711
Ordres Militaires et Melanges Historiques (Strasbourg) (1900)2,667
British Military Officers2,544
Loyalist Literature: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide to the Writings on the Loyalists of the American Revolution2,303
One Soldier's Story 1939 - 1945: From the Fall of Hong Kong to the Defeat of Japan2,286
Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles: Regimental History of the Forty-Third Regiment, Active Militia of Canada2,270
Storia Della Guerra D'ungaria Negli Anni 1848 E 18492,246
Rolls of Arms of the Reigns of Henry III And Edward III, 1240-1245 (1829)2,142
History of the Grange in Canada2,089
The Last Invasion of Canada: The Fenian Raids, 1866 - 18701,955
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