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Collection Title Est. Names
History of the County of Middlesex, Ontario, 1899, Part A59,956
The Storied Province of Quebec, History, Volume 258,937
Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of York, Ontario - 190753,897
History of Nova Scotia: Biographical Sketches, Volume 353,754
Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory, 1871, Nova Scotia53,553
The Irishman in Canada49,946
Yarmouth Past and Present: A Book of Reminiscences49,734
Compendium of the Shipping of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the Period 1761 to 190247,090
The Halifax and District Telephone Directory, December 195046,647
The Storied Province of Quebec, Biographies, Volume 543,812
Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914 - 1919, Volume 143,426
The Storied Province of Quebec, Biographies, Volume 442,035
The Loyalists of America and their Times, 1620 - 1816, Volume 141,227
Work of the Canadian Archives, 1908 - 191340,945
Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College, Toronto, January 1830 to June 191640,443
The Loyalists of America and Their Times, 1620 - 1816, Volume 239,431
A History of the County of Grey38,299
List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force, 191438,244
British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical - Vol.337,564
Nova Scotia in its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations36,833
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: A Sequel to Campbell's History36,050
From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back34,729
History of the 31st Battalion C.E.F., November 1914 - June 191934,450
History of the County of Lennox and Addington34,344
McGill University at War, 1914 - 1916, 1939 - 194533,292
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