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Collection Title Est. Names
Martin Genealogy. Descendants of Lieutenant Samuel Martin of Wethersfield, Connecticut10,162
Some Family Records & Pedigrees of the Lloyds10,114
The Ancestors, Kin and Descendants of John Warden and Narcissa (Davis) Warden, His Wife9,753
The Coit Family: The Descendants of John Coit9,411
Edmund Lewis of Lynn, Massachusetts and Some of his Descendants9,300
(Hatch) Branches of our Family Tree9,014
Pedigrees From the Visitation of Hampshire Made By Thomas Benolt, Clarenceulx a 15308,863
Genealogy of the Onderdonk Family in America8,472
The Platt Lineage: A Genealogical Research and Record8,425
A Genealogy and Historical Notices of the Family of Plimpton or Plympton in America and of Plumpton in England8,139
A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Moses Pengry, of Ipswich, Massachusetts8,051
The Talmadge, Tallmadge and Talmage Genealogy: The Descendants of Thomas Talmadge of Lynn, Massachusetts, with An Appendix Including Other Families8,024
Genealogical Record of Some of the Noyes Descendants of James Nicholas and Peter Noyes, Volume 27,981
The Candee Genealogy7,437
The Plumer Genealogy: Francis Plumer who Settled at Newbury, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants7,337
Coleman's General Index To Printed Pedigrees, 18667,283
Middlesex Pedigrees7,208
Genealogy of the Parthemore Family, 1744 - 18857,071
Pedigrees Recorded at the Visitations of the County Palatine of Durham7,036
Pierrepont Genealogies From Norman Times to 19136,908
The Stephens Family, with Collateral Branches6,645
The Genealogy of John Marsh of Salem and His Descendants, 1633 - 18886,597
Staffordshire Pedigrees Based On the Visitation of That County, 1663-16646,568
Porter Pedigree, Being an Account of the Ancestry And Descendants of Samuel And Martha (Perley) Porter of Chester, New Hampshire6,514
Pedigree of the Family of Royds6,506
4 of 8 pages

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