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Collection Title Est. Names
Moving Finger of Jasper13,072
Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society, Volume 512,865
History of Old Pendleton District, with a Genealogy of the Leading Families of the District12,724
The Hutchinson Family of Laurens County, South Carolina and Descendants12,404
Planters and Business Men: The Guignard Family of South Carolina, 1795 - 193010,980
South Carolina Historical Records, Volume 110,790
The Siege of Charleston by the British Fleet and Army Under the Command of Admiral Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton, 12th of May 178010,752
Annals of Newberry, Historical, Biographical And Anecdotical (1859)10,684
The Siege of Charleston by the British Fleet and Army10,659
Marriage Notices in the South Carolina Gazette and Its Successors, 1732 - 180110,434
South Carolina Historical And Genealogical Magazine, Volume 17, 19169,249
Marriage Notices in the South-Carolina Gazette And Its Successors, 1732 - 18018,224
Stub Entries To Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution. Books B, L-Z, Part 28,107
The Estherian and Lanier Literary Societies (Anderson, SC), 1915 - 19177,927
Colonel Joseph Howe of York County, South Carolina: His Descendants and His Brothers7,524
The Baxter Family: Descendants of George and Thomas Baxter of Westchester County, New York7,460
A Brief History of George Manton Tippin, Sr., of Ireland, York County, South Carolina, and Washington County, Indiana, and his Decendants7,120
The Gist Family of South Carolina and its Maryland Antecedants6,860
Memorabilia And Anecdotal Reminiscences of Columbia, South Carolina6,575
The Old Jewish Cemeteries at Charleston, South Carolina, 1762 - 19035,209
Stub Entries To Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution, Book I4,973
History of Fairfield County, South Carolina4,966
Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC), 19974,565
History of the Fourth Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers, From the Commencement of the War Until Lee's Surrender4,527
South Carolina in the Revolutionary War4,479
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