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Collection Title Est. Names
Winders of America. John Winder of New York, Thomas Winder of New Jersey, John Winder of Maryland5,730
Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland (1879)5,477
Genealogical History of the Lee Family of Virginia and Maryland5,461
First Records of Baltimore Town And Jones' Town 1729-1797 (1905)5,372
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland, Records, Volume 15,224
Gazetteers of Maryland and Delaware5,127
A Gazetteer of Maryland5,102
Winders of America: John Winder, of New York 1674 - 1675; Thomas Winder, of New Jersey 1703 - 1734; John Winder, of Maryland 1665 - 16984,897
East Baltimore Station Methodist Episcopal Church, 1907 - 1958, Volume 3, Part 14,768
Garrison Church, Sketches of the History of St. Thomas' Parish, Garrison Forest, Baltimore County, Maryland, 1742-1852 (1898)4,601
Todds of the Eastern Shore, Maryland4,552
University of Maryland School of Nursing, Yearbook (Baltimore, Maryland)4,484
Genealogical Notes of the Chamberlaine Family of Maryland4,297
Cemetery Index,St. Mary's, Maryland4,194
Narrative of Events Which Occurred in Baltimore Town During the Revolutionary War4,178
Lords Baltimore And the Maryland Palatinate4,128
School of Nursing, Yearbook (Baltimore, Maryland)4,072
Faculty of the United States Naval Academy, 1954-1955 (1955)3,928
Records of the City of Baltimore Supplement, 1729 - 18133,681
John Paul Jones Commemoration At Annapolis, April 24, 19063,442
East Baltimore Station Methodist Episcopal Church, 1907 - 1958,Volume 3, Part 33,216
Register of the First English Lutheran Church, Baltimore: From February, 1827, to March, 18593,206
The Ensminger Family3,103
Key To Southern Pedigrees: Being a Comprehensive Guide To the Colonial Ancestry of Families in the States of Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia And Alabama, Volume 83,100
Green Mount Cemetery One Hundredth Anniversary, 1838 - 19383,015
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