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Collection Title Est. Names
Family of Steel Smith of Farmington, Connecticut, Windsor, Vermont3,759
Genealogy of John And Ruth Johnson (1909)2,999
South Hero, in the Garden Spot of Vermont2,773
Hartland in the Revolutionary War2,711
New Edition of the Records of the Family of Rufus Perkins of Rockingham and Chester, Vermont, 1781 - 18032,704
Memorial Record of the Soldiers From Stowe, Vermont, Who Fought For Our Government During the Rebellion of 1861 - 18652,362
A New Edition of the Record of the Family of Roswell Smith and Roswell Smith, Second of the Family of Steel Smith of Farmington, Connnecticut, Windsor, Vermont2,260
Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes, A. M., For Many Years Pastor of A Church in Rutland, Vermont, and Late in Granville, New York2,065
Record of Deaths in the Town of Ludlow, Vermont, From 1790 To 19011,777
Supplement To "the Johnson Genealogy", Containing Records of the Ancestors And Descendants of Theophilus Crawford, of Putney, Vermont (1896)1,758
Collections Relating To the History And Inhabitants of the Town of Townshend, Vermont, Part 1, Acton (1877)1,756
Sketch of the Life of Honorable Timothy Hinman1,746
New Hampshire And Vermont1,682
Norwich University Catalogue of Alumni And Past Cadets, Northfield, Vermont (1879)1,576
Eleazer Richardson of Manchester And Bristol, Vermont And Richland, New York And His Descendants, 1774-19131,564
God's Delight in the Gates of Zion: a Second Discourse On the Early History of the Congregational Church And Society in West Brattleboro, Vermont, 1794-18191,446
Sketch of the Life of Hon. Timothy Hinman (1892)1,398
Supplement Number One to Descendants of Samuel Weeks of Danville, Vermont1,361
Ancestors and Descendants of Jireh Tucker of Royalton, Vermont, 1815 - 18681,360
Centennial History of the Battle of Bennington, 1777 - 18771,338
Report of the Weeks Family Meeting for the Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Holland Weeks in Salisbury, Vermont1,240
Monograph On the Origin And Early Life of Brattleboro (1899)1,133
Why the Early Inhabitants of Vermont Disclaimed the Jurisdiction of New York1,053
Record of Births, Marriages And Deaths, in Worcester, Vermont: From October 21, 1813, To June 18, 1858 (1858)911
in Loving Remembrance of the Founders of the Parish of Saint James Church in Woodstock, Vermont, 1827 -1907776
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