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Long Family Records and a Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry and Catharina Kern Long, Born 1718, Heidelberg, Germany; and the Holcomb Family; and Descendants of the Widow, Rachel Reinhardt17,811
Pennsylvania-German Society, 1910, Volume 2116,497
Pennsylvania-German, Volume 9, December 190815,521
Deutsche Grafen-Haeuser Der Gegenwart: in Heraldischer, Historischer Und Genealogischer Beziehung, Volume 1, A - K15,220
The Wanderer-Wander Family of Bohemia, Germany and America, 1450 - 195115,040
History of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States, from A.D. 1265 to A.D. 1890 -- 625 Years13,923
Neues Allgemeines Deutsches Adels-Lexicon, Im Vereine Mit Mehreren Historikern, Volume 913,261
History of German Immigration in the United States12,627
Deutsche Grafen-Haeuser Der Gegenwart : in Heraldischer, Historischer Und Genealogischer Beziehung, Volume 312,554
Penn Germania, Volume 3, September 1914 (1912)11,480
Germans and Hungarians, 1828 Hungarian Land Census, Szatmar County11,297
Germans and Hungarians, 1828 Hungarian Land Census, Szabolcs County11,006
Pennsylvania-German, Volume 3 - 410,193
Pennsylvania-German Society, Volume 10, Part 2, 19008,991
Germans and Hungarians, Hungarian Land Census, Saros County8,398
The Quest For a Lost Race: Presenting the Theory of Paul B. Du Chaillu, That the English-Speaking People of To-Day Are Descended From the Scandinavians Rather Than the Teutons- From the Normans Rather Than the Germans8,067
Pennsylvania-German Society, Volume 3, 18937,880
Bibliotheca Biographica, Reichhaltige Sammlung Von Monographien Zur Geschichte Einzelner Personen U. Familien, Briefwechsel, Memoiren Etc. Aus Dem Antiquarischen Bucherlager (1888)7,041
Germans and Hungarians, 1828 Hungarian Land Census, Szepes County6,834
Germans in Colonial Times (1901)6,588
German Immigration Into Pennsylvania Through the Port of Philadelphia From 1700 To 17756,474
Annual Report of the Society For the History of the Germans in Maryland, 1886 - 18926,390
Der Feldzug Von Ulm, 18056,078
Pennsylvania-German, Volume 1, January 19005,850
Kaiser's Memoirs, Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1888-19185,833
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