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Collection Title Est. Names
Digested Summary of Private Claims, Volume 537,612
History of the Town of Stonington37,466
History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642 - 188036,211
History of Southwest Virginia, 1746 - 1786, Washington County, 1777 - 187035,128
Digested Summary of Private Claims, Volume 431,559
Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 1628 - 1686, Volume 230,233
History of the First Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts27,997
History of Pendleton County, West Virginia26,981
Historical Catalogue of the Old South Church (Third Church) Boston26,495
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, Volume 126,384
Statistics and Gazetteer of New Hampshire25,645
Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia25,463
Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620 - 170025,448
History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and Statistical24,235
Soldiers of King Philip's War23,462
History of the Town and City of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts22,952
History of Utah22,867
Campbell's Gazetteer of Missouri22,285
History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, From Its First Settlement in 1640, To the Year 186022,257
History of Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory21,991
Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, Volume 221,783
History of the Town of Norton, Bristol County, Massachusetts from 1669 to 185921,758
Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England21,702
Indiana and Indianans, Volume 521,557
Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire (Farmer and Moore)21,460
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