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Collection Title Est. Names
Pioneer History of Pocahontas County, Iowa (1904)55,173
History of Columbiana County, Ohio: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers54,699
History of Otsego County, New York (1878)54,658
History of Jasper County, Missouri (1883)54,414
Illustrated History of Sacramento County, California (1890)53,933
Combined History of Randolph, Monroe And Perry Counties, Illinois (1883)53,922
History of Alameda County, California (1883)53,573
Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography (1886)53,485
Pioneer History of Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon: Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures of the Early Settlers53,384
Memorial And Biographical History of Northern California (1891)52,670
History of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania (1888)52,272
Jefferson County, Pennsylvania: Her Pioneers And People, 1800-1915, Volume 1 (1917)52,269
Illustrated History of Southern California (1890)51,941
History of Essex County, Massachusetts, Part 2 (1888)51,555
Our Pioneer Ancestors: The Day Hendrix (cks) Families Including Poe and Allied Lines, Volume 3, Books 1 & 251,125
Combined History of Schuyler And Brown Counties, Illinois (1882)50,933
History of Utah, Volume 4 (1892)50,918
Illustrated History of Los Angeles County, California (1889)49,980
History of Ramsey County And the City of St. Paul (1881)49,569
Pen Pictures From the Garden of the World, or, Santa Clara County, California (1888)48,782
History of St. Clair County, Illinois (1881)48,762
Descendants of George And Mary Boone Who Came To America in 1717 (1922)48,221
History of Butler County, Pennsylvania (1883)48,127
History of Lewis County, New York (1883)48,109
Historic Background and Annals of The Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania47,988
4 of 19 pages

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