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Memorial Addresses On the Life and Character of Lewis F. Watson, a Representative From Pennsylvania4,551
A Genealogical and Historical Memoir of the Otis Family in America4,471
Alexander S. Clay, Late a Senator from Georgia4,439
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Lewis V. Bogy, a Senator from Missouri, January 16, 18754,415
In Memoriam: William Edgar Bundy, 1866 - 19034,394
Diary of Rev. Daniel Wadsworth4,345
Memoir of Rev. Erskine J. Hawes4,344
A Memorial of Andrew J. Shipman, his Life and Writings4,339
Memoirs of Lieut.-General Scott, LL.D. Written By Himself4,324
The Works of Rufus Choate, with a Memoir of His Life, Volume 14,286
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William Cogswell, Late a Representative from Massachusetts4,240
A Memoir of Robert C. Winthrop4,179
A Memorial of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Marriage of Philip Schoff and Elizabeth Ramsay, April 10 17944,097
Ezra Abbot: A Memorial4,097
Reminiscences of the Life and Character of Benjamin Woolsey Dwight, 1780 - 18504,052
Anglo-American Memories (George W. Smalley)4,044
Genealogical Memoirs of Various Families of Tomkinson3,976
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Lewis V. Bogy3,966
A Soldier of Conscience: Edward Perkins Clark, 1847 - 19033,896
Memoirs of Henry Villard, Journalist and Financier, 1835 - 1900, Volume 23,860
The Life and Times of Rev. George Peck, D. D3,846
William Sharp (Fiona Macleod) a Memoir, Volume 23,841
Brinton Memorial Meeting, Report of the Memorial Meeting Held January 16th, 19003,837
Commodore Joshua Barney3,699
A Memorial Volume of American History: Mckinley and Men of Our Times3,693
5 of 17 pages

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