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The Darling Diaries: Memoirs of a Political Career6,541
Tales from the Great Lakes6,521
A Legacy of Caring: A History of the Children's AID Society of Toronto6,502
Whisky and Ice: The Saga of Ben Kerr, Canada's Most Daring Rumrunner6,451
Snatched! The Peculiar Kidnapping of Beer Tycoon John Labatt6,406
A New Westminster Album: Glimpses of the City As It Was6,329
The Canadian General Election of 20006,313
In their Own Words: Canadian Choral Conductors6,269
The Orillia Spirit: An Illustrated History of Orillia6,153
The Queen Mother and Her Century : An Illustrated Biography of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on Her 100th Birthday5,972
Toronto Sketches 6, The Way We Were5,972
The Inside Story: A Life in Journalism5,883
Canadian Nuclear Weapons: The Untold Story of Canada's Cold War Arsenal5,861
The Arctic Fox: Francis Leopold McClintock5,774
Shot Down and on the Run: The RCAF and Commonwealth Aircrews Who Got Home from Behind Enemy Lines, 1940 - 19455,730
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1900 - 20025,695
The Ontario Book of Days5,692
Temagami: A Debate on Wilderness5,599
Not All of Us Were Brave5,589
Constabulary: The Rise of Police Institutions in Britain, the Commonwealth and the United States5,559
How to be a Spy: The World War II SOE Training Manual5,471
Bold, Brave, and Born to Lead: Major General Isaac Brock and the Canadas5,435
Confessions of a Curator: Adventures in Canadian Art5,357
The Anniversary Compulsion: Canada's Centennial Celebrations: A Model Mega-Anniversary5,343
Shipwrecks and Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island5,251
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