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Collection Title Est. Names
History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Illustrated32,573
History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, 1749 - 187932,489
A History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia31,407
The Canadian Biographical Dictionary, Ontario - 1880.31,183
History of the County of Middlesex, Ontario, 1899, Part B30,563
The Storied Province of Quebec, Biographies, Volume 330,027
Canada's Hundred Days29,622
Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914 - 1919: The Medical Services28,247
History of the Settlement of Upper Canada (Ontario)28,159
Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War, 192028,029
Lovell's Dominion Directory, 1871, Newfoundland27,824
Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal, July 191627,681
Simcoe County Pioneer and Historical Society: Pioneer Papers27,325
The History of the County of Welland, Ontario - 188727,064
Canada: An Illustrated Weekly Journal, April 191626,984
The Story of Dundas, Ontario26,546
Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and The Humors of the Valley, South Hull and Aylmer Edition26,351
Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory, 1871 Preface25,549
Letters from the Front, c1920, with Supplement25,444
Gazetteer and Business Directory, Canada, 1930, Part 524,243
Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County, N.S. - 187324,050
The 24th Battalion, C.E.F., Victoria Rifles of Canada, 1914 - 191923,830
The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion C. E. F., 1914 - 192523,105
History of the County of Bruce - 190622,505
The Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925 - 194522,380
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