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Collection Title Est. Names
Records of Germans Immigrating to the United States4,068,907
US Naturalization Records  Free!3,719,612
Records of Italians Immigrating to the United States845,368
Passengers arriving in New York from Ireland 1846 - 1851604,596
Records of Russians Immigrating to the United States527,394
Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance To the Province And State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, With the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-180838,197
Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French And Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 To 177631,151
Macomb, Michigan Naturalization Records22,579
Immigration of the Irish Quakers Into Pennsylvania, 1682-175020,248
Book of the Wilders: a Further Contribution To the History of the Wilders, From 1497, in England, To the Immigration of Martha, a Widow, And Her Family To Massachusetts Bay, in 163819,236
Sketches of the First Emigrant Settlers in Newton Township, Old Gloucester County, West New Jersey17,393
Dickinson, Michigan Naturalization Records17,034
Genealogical Records of Henry And Ulalia Burt, the Emigrants Who Early Settled at Springfield, Massachusetts,1640 - 189116,465
Delta, Michigan Naturalization Records15,001
Iron, Michigan Naturalization Records13,493
History of German Immigration in the United States12,627
Huron, Michigan Naturalization Records11,154
Ship Registries and Enrollments, Port of Marshfield, Oregon, 1873 - 194110,175
Alpena, Michigan Naturalization Records9,749
Lenawee, Michigan Naturalization Records6,956
German Immigration Into Pennsylvania Through the Port of Philadelphia From 1700 To 17756,474
Lists of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century To the American Colonies, Volume 16,130
Lapeer, Michigan Naturalization Records5,854
Some Emigrants to Virginia: Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period5,364
Emigrants From England, 1773-17764,996
1 of 2 pages

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