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Collection Title Record Type Est. Names
Kentucky Death Records 1900 - 1999Birth, Marriage and Death2,620,652
The Union Regiments of KentuckyMilitary Records145,906
Kentucky. a History of the StateLocal and General History82,155
Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky and Their DescendantsLocal and General History79,688
Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812Military Records67,545
Index to the 1810 Census of KentuckyCensus and Voter Lists63,518
Early Kentucky Householders, 1787 - 1811Local and General History48,817
Graves County, Kentucky Cemeteries Full Name IndexBirth, Marriage and Death47,023
History of Woodford County, KentuckyLocal and General History44,483
Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records: Abstracts of Early Wills, Deeds, and MarriagesCourt and Probate Records43,805
Index to the 1820 Census of KentuckyCensus and Voter Lists43,802
Warren County, Kentucky Marriages, 1797 - 1851Birth, Marriage and Death42,803
History of Kentucky, Volume 2Local and General History42,249
First Census of Kentucky, 1790Birth, Marriage and Death39,961
History of Kentucky, Volume 1Local and General History39,830
Full Name Index, Calloway County, Kentucky CemeteriesBirth, Marriage and Death37,127
Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and InventoriesCourt and Probate Records36,302
Kentucky Pioneer and Court RecordsCourt and Probate Records36,118
Kentucky State Gazetteer And Business Directory, 1881 - 1882Directories33,251
Kentucky [Court and Other] Records: Volume 2: Wills, Deeds, Orders, Suits, Church Minutes, Marriages, Old Bibles and Tombstone RecordsBirth, Marriage and Death33,006
Kentucky Court and Other Records: Volume I: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone InscriptionsBirth, Marriage and Death32,987
History of Kentucky (1886)Local and General History32,607
Early Kentucky Tax Records: from The Register of the Kentucky Historical SocietyCourt and Probate Records32,485
Historical Sketches of Kentucky (1848)Local and General History31,119
Early Kentucky Settlers: The Records of Jefferson County, KentuckyCourt and Probate Records30,583
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