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Collection Title Record Type Est. Names
Kentucky Death Records 1900 - 1999Birth, Marriage and Death2,620,652
The Union Regiments of KentuckyMilitary Records145,906
Kentucky. a History of the StateLocal and General History82,155
Graves County, Kentucky Cemeteries Full Name IndexBirth, Marriage and Death47,023
Warren County, Kentucky Marriages, 1797 - 1851Birth, Marriage and Death42,803
Full Name Index, Calloway County, Kentucky CemeteriesBirth, Marriage and Death37,127
Kentucky Pioneer and Court RecordsCourt and Probate Records36,118
Kentucky State Gazetteer And Business Directory, 1881 - 1882Directories33,251
History of Kentucky (1886)Local and General History32,607
Historical Sketches of Kentucky (1848)Local and General History31,119
Historical Sketches of Kentucky (1847)Local and General History30,496
The Emison Families, Revised: Origin and History of the Kentucky EmisonsLocal and General History29,622
Battle, Kniffin & Perrin's Histories and Biographies of the Jackson Purchase of Kentucky, 1885Local and General History25,038
Littell's Political Transactions in and Concerning KentuckyMiscellaneous24,111
Annals of the Fowler Family with Branches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, California, and TexasLocal and General History22,887
Sons of the American Revolution, Kentucky Society, 1896Family History and Biography21,436
Middletown's Days and Deeds: The Story of 150 Years of Living in an Old Kentucky TownMiscellaneous19,008
Graves County, Kentucky Funeral Home Records, Volume 6, March 1955 - December 1957Birth, Marriage and Death18,667
Pioneer Life in Kentucky: A Series of Reminiscential Letters from Daniel Drake, M. D. of Cincinnati to His ChildrenLocal and General History18,159
Davis, Jesse Buford, 1845 Kentucky - 1928 MissouriLocal and General History17,159
Wild Riders of the First Kentucky Cavalry: History of the Regiment, In the Great War of the Rebellion, 1861 - 1865Military Records16,738
Calloway County, Kentucky Vital Statistics, 1852 - 1859Birth, Marriage and Death16,503
Graves County, Kentucky Funeral Home Records, Volume 9, July 1964 - December 1966Birth, Marriage and Death16,439
Graves County, Kentucky Funeral Home Records, Volume 3, January 1946 - September 1949Birth, Marriage and Death16,423
Daniel Boone: The Pioneer of KentuckyLocal and General History16,400
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