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Collection Title Record Type Est. Names
Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, City Directory, 1944Directories413,409
30,638 Burials in GeorgiaBirth, Marriage and Death164,944
Polk's Savannah, Georgia, City Directory, 1960Directories136,570
Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters, Daughters of the American RevolutionLocal and General History125,405
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1893Directories87,796
Altanta, Georgia, Directory, 1892Directories86,330
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1890Directories80,667
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1888Directories78,966
Atlanta, Georgia, Directory, 1891Directories74,621
Atlanta, Georgia, Directory, 1895Directories71,669
Georgia Bible RecordsLocal and General History66,498
The GeorgiansLocal and General History63,241
Polk's Savannah, Georgia, Directory of Householders, 1960Directories62,452
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1889Directories60,288
The Georgia Frontier, Volume 1Local and General History60,272
Georgia Intestate RecordsCourt and Probate Records60,023
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1883Directories59,090
Weatherbe's Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1886Directories58,727
Weatherbe's Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1884Directories54,290
The Georgia Frontier, Volume 2Local and General History53,849
Atlanta, Georgia, City Directory, 1887Directories51,808
Families of Southeastern Georgia Excerpted from Georgia's Coastal Plain: A HistoryLocal and General History50,746
Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume 1: Seventeen Georgia CountiesLocal and General History48,606
Shole's Directory of the City of Atlanta, Georgia, 1881Directories47,617
Index to the United States Census of Georgia for 1820, Second EditionCensus and Voter Lists47,093
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