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Collection Title Record Type Est. Names
MyHeritage Family TreesFamily Trees1,015,579,686
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975  UpdatedBirth, Marriage and Death193,409,217
Mexico, Baptisms, 1560-1950  UpdatedBirth, Marriage and Death139,382,944
United Kingdom Births, 1761 - 2006Birth, Marriage and Death133,107,061
1940 U.S. Federal CensusCensus and Voter Lists132,000,000
1930 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists125,154,410
Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898  UpdatedBirth, Marriage and Death111,460,741
1920 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists107,476,472
1910 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists100,923,846
Find A Grave  Free!Birth, Marriage and Death96,929,462
United Kingdom Marriages, 1796 - 2005Birth, Marriage and Death95,653,047
U.S. Social Security Death IndexBirth, Marriage and Death89,788,215
United Kingdom Deaths, 1796 - 2006Birth, Marriage and Death87,447,271
1900 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists76,492,496
Hungary Catholic Church Records, 1636-1895  UpdatedBirth, Marriage and Death52,415,904
1880 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists50,474,341
California Birth IndexBirth, Marriage and Death49,192,472
1870 United States CensusCensus and Voter Lists40,395,520
England, Marriages, 1538–1973   UpdatedBirth, Marriage and Death38,821,253
England & Wales 1901 CensusCensus and Voter Lists34,078,552
Spain, Baptisms, 1502-1940  UpdatedChurch Records30,713,163
England & Wales Births, GRO Indexes, 1911 - 1954Birth, Marriage and Death29,866,235
England & Wales 1891 CensusCensus and Voter Lists29,509,385
MyHeritage PhotosFamily Trees29,270,109
Find A Grave Photos  Free!Birth, Marriage and Death29,144,268
1 of 913 pages