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Collection Title Record Type Est. Names
MyHeritage Family TreesFamily Trees1,015,579,686
BillionGraves  Free!Birth, Marriage and Death7,738,788
New Zealand PO Directory 1896-97 (Wise)Directories246,720
New Zealand PO Directory 1898-99 (Wise)Directories246,000
New Zealand PO Directory 1900 (Wise)Directories242,160
New Zealand PO Directory 1894-95 (Wise)Directories217,920
New Zealand PO Directory 1892-93 (Wise)Directories207,600
New Zealand PO Directory 1905 (Wise)Directories207,360
New Zealand PO Directory 1890 (Wise)Directories196,080
New Zealand Gazette 1882Government Records151,760
New Zealand Gazette 1878Government Records145,040
New Zealand Gazette 1883Government Records143,600
New Zealand Gazette 1880Government Records141,120
New Zealand Gazette 1886Government Records140,720
New Zealand Gazette 1881Government Records138,320
New Zealand Gazette 1877Government Records99,120
New Zealand Gazette 1876Government Records76,480
New Zealand Directory 1866-67 (Stevens)Directories44,800
Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879Immigration and Travel40,857
Cyclopedia of New Zealand v2 AucklandFamily History and Biography39,140
Cyclopedia of New Zealand v1 WellingtonFamily History and Biography31,280
New Zealand Division 1916-1919Military Records30,480
Defenders of New Zealand & Maori HistoryMilitary Records26,160
Cyclopedia of New Zealand v3 CanterburyFamily History and Biography22,980
Cyclopedia of New Zealand v4 Otago & SouthlandFamily History and Biography22,980
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