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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Sir Anders Waagbø Day, Month, 1865 Place
Ane Sivertsdatter Faksvåg (born Nålsund) Day, Month, 1853 Place, Norway 1928
Anne Waagbø (born Nerland) Day, Month, 1875 Place
Brit Hodne (born Waagbø) 1921 Place
Edward Birger Waagbø Day, Month, 1891 Place Day, Month, 1979
Haakon Waagbø Day, Month, 1916 Place Day, Month, 1998
Haakon Waagbø Day, Month, 1916 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1998
Jan Bjarne Waagbø Day, Month, 1948 Place
Johan Rikard Waagbø 1881 Place 1962
Johan Rikard Waagbø Day, Month, 1881 Place
Maria Olesdatter Waagbø (born Nålsund) Day, Month, 1814 Place, Norway 1893
Marie Skrøvset (born Waagbø) Day, Month, 1909 Day, Month, 2001
Nelly Karoline Waagbø (born Floan) 1888 Place
Ole Rasmus Waagbø Day, Month, 1875 Place 1918
Sivert Sivertsen Waagbø Day, Month, 1809 Place, Norway 1899
Anna Wagbo (born Waagbo) Day, Month, 1890 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1958
Karl Waagbo Day, Month, 1882 Place, USA Day, Month, 1965
Alma Othelie Rudolfsdatter Waagbø (born Nilsen) Day, Month, 1909 Place Day, Month, 1994
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