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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Sigrun Marie Waaden (born Hagen) 1914 Place
Ida Waaden (born Gran) Day, Month, 1907 Place Day, Month, 1998
Sigrun Marie Waaden (born Hagen Waaden) Day, Month, 1914 Place Day, Month, 2002
Mikal Karstensen Waaden Day, Month, 1882 Place Day, Month, 1969
Anna Sophia Von Stulken (born Waaden) Date, 1742 Day, Month, 1763
Aase Synnøve Rø (born Waaden Rø) Day, Month, 1918 Place Day, Month, 1995
Aase Synnøve Waaden Rø (born Karstensen Wåden) Day, Month, 1918 Place Day, Month, 1995
Hansine Berntine Karstensen Waaden (born Johansdatter Kastbrekken Waaden) Day, Month, 1887 Place Day, Month, 1969
Carsten Asbjørn Waaden Day, Month, 1915 Place Day, Month, 1997
Odd Nikolai Waaden Day, Month, 1921 Place 1986
Odd Nikolai Waaden 1921 Place 1986
Beatrice Margie Von Waaden (born Dunn) Day, Month, 1909 Place Day, Month, 1990
Martha Von Waaden (born Gallo) 1910 Place 1951
Borghild Marie Larsen (born Waaden) Day, Month, 1913 Day, Month, 2004
Frøydis Waaden (born Karstensen Waaden) Day, Month, 1921 Day, Month, 2001
Frøydis Waaden (born Hovdenak) Day, Month, 1921 Place
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