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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Valeria Pouletaud - Redeau (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1883 Place Day, Month, 1955
Valeria Pouleteau (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1883 Place Day, Month, 1955
Francoise Doizon (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1808 Place Day, Month, 1875
Gabrielle Yvonne Marie Joseph Turlais Day, Month, 1911 Place Day, Month, 2002
Georges Turlais Day, Month, 1955 Place Day, Month, 1992
Germaine Marie Hen Rouillet (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1909 Place Day, Month, 1997
Henri Turlais Day, Month, 1877 Place Day, Month, 1948
Henri Auguste Jean Victor Turlais Day, Month, 1908 Place Day, Month, 1923
Julien Turlais Day, Month, 1811 Place Day, Month, 1884
Marie Ange Henriette Valé (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1906 Place Day, Month, 1987
Marie Clémentine Turlais (born Grelier) Day, Month, 1884 Place Day, Month, 1935
Marie Madeleine Turlais (born Violeau) Day, Month, 1812 Place, France Day, Month, 1888
Josette Turlais (born Lardeux) 1935 Day, Month, 1978
Francoise Petit (born Turlais) Date, 1770 Place
Marie Turlais (born Courtellemont) Date, 1819
Marie Françoise Turlais (born Fortier) Date, 1819
Maurice Turlais Date, 1819
Reine Eglantine Cabrillat (born Turlais) Day, Month, 1925 Day, Month, 1990
Marie Chalopin (born Turlais,Turlaye) Date, 1676 Date, 1710
François Turlaye,Turlais Date, 1656 Date, 1696
Louise Turlaye,Turlais (born Martin) Date, 1656 Date, 1676
Francoise Petit (born Turlais) Date, 1770 Place
Marguerite Fouchier (born Turlais) 1891
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