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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
János Gy. Taba Day, Month, 1848 Place Day, Month, 1921
Taba Mária (Mészárosné) (born Taba) Day, Month, 1883 Place Day, Month, 1977
Lydia Lydia Taku (born Esongabang Taba) 1939 Place 2009
Sra Ana Delfa De Marín (born Marin Giraldo) Day, Month, 1928 Place Day, Month, 2012
Alexandrine Victorine Noé (born Taba) Day, Month, 1868 Place Day, Month, 1957
Anna Taba (born Vago) 1857 Place 1939
Anna-Pauline Taba Day, Month, 1893 Place Day, Month, 1895
August Taba 1897 Place 1945
Eduard Taba 1905 Place 1942
Emma Vals (born Taba) 1901 Place 1942
Erzsébet Taba (born Vidók) Day, Month, 1829 Place Day, Month, 1903
Etelka Városi (born Taba) Date, 1919 Place Day, Month, 1970
Gustav Taba 1854 Place 1924
István Taba Day, Month, 1920 Place Day, Month, 1986
Jaan Taba 1800 Place 1863
Jaan Taba Day, Month, 1861 Place Day, Month, 1916
Jean Taba Day, Month, 1833 Place Day, Month, 1916
Jean-Pierre Taba Day, Month, 1807 Place Day, Month, 1876
Jeanne Guille (born Taba) Day, Month, 1623 Place Day, Month, 1682
Juhan Taba 1898 Place 1963
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