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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Edna Caroline Winifred Mackey\Roberts\Stone (born Knapp) 1896 Canada 1978
Mary Edelen (born (Mollie)) Harriett Stone Day, Month, 1846 Place, Maryland Day, Month, 1940
Mary Edelen (born (Mollie)) Harriett Stone Day, Month, 1846 Place, Maryland Day, Month, 1940
Dora Baumshtein (born Baumshtein (Stone)) 1906 Russia 1908
Fania Stone (born Baumshtein) 1898 Place, Russia 1999
Mania Stone (born Baumshtein) Day, Month, 1896 Place, Russia 1995
Margaretta Maud Stone (born Bavester (M. Stone)) Day, Month, 1898 Place, England 1972
Phedora L. (Fedora) Critchfeild (born Critchfeild-Stone) Date, 1831 Place Day, Month, 1902
Sarah "Effie" (1) Minton, (2) Jackson, (3) Stone (born Mcvey) Day, Month, 1881 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1921
Catherine Charlotte Lowndes-Stone-Norton (born Lowndes Stone) Day, Month, 1841 Place, England Day, Month, 1882
William Charles Lowndes-Stone Day, Month, 1812 Place Day, Month, 1845
Robert Thomas Lowndes-Stone-Norton 1839 England 1895
Roger Fletcher Earl Lowndes-Stone-Norton 1863 England 1934
Merritt Delos Stone Day, Month, 1867 Place, Pennsylvania Day, Month, 1936
Linda F Perron (born Mclean) 1940 1991
Pauline Pool (born Stone) Day, Month, 1916 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1998
Clara Freeman (born Sanderson) 1889 Place Day, Month, 1925
Clara Sanderson (born Sanderson (Stone Mason )) 1889 Place Day, Month, 1925
Clara Sefrika Johanson\Stone (born Swanson) Day, Month, 1877 Place, Sweden Day, Month, 1938
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