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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Oscar Eduardo Marin Soto Date, 1927 Place, Chile Date, 1983
Audelina Del Carmen Marin Soto (born Cabrera) Day, Month, 1928 Place, Chile Day, Month, 2009
Fernanda Carrasco Gasquez (born Marin Soto) 1902 Place 1957
Celinda De Lourdes Marín Soto Day, Month, 1975 Place, Chile Day, Month, 1975
Vicente Soto Marín Day, Month, 1898 Day, Month, 2004
Amanda Soto Marin (born Yepes Cortes) Day, Month, 1923 Day, Month, 1996
Beltran Soto Marin Day, Month, 1938 Day, Month, 2005
Jorge Enrique Soto Marin Day, Month, 1914 Day, Month, 1990
Norma Soto Rodriguez (born Soto Marin) Day, Month, 1954 Day, Month, 1993
Petronila Soto Marin (born Rodriguez) Day, Month, 1942 Day, Month, 1996
Ignacia Olmo Alcaraz (born Soto Marín) 1842 Day, Month, 1936
Ignacia Olmo Alcaraz (born Soto Marín) 1842 Day, Month, 1936
Ignacia Soto Marín (born Soto Giménez) 1842 Day, Month, 1936
Ana Maria Marin De Soto (born De Ayala Martinez) Day, Month, 1711 Place
Ana Blasa Marin De Ayala (born Marin Monte Y Soto Mayor) Day, Month, 1738 Place
Juana Juliana Alvarez Rodriguez (born Marin Soto) 1816 Day, Month, 1891
Balvanera Marin Soto (born Marin Henao) Place, Colombia
Balvanera Marin Soto (born Marin Henao) Place, Colombia
Jose Marin Soto Day, Month, 1912
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