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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Adda Mae Walker (born O'Conner) Day, Month, 1881 Place, Ks 1964
Jane S O'Conner (born Jackson Wiswall) Day, Month, 1854 USA Date
Kathleen Eulalial (Aunt Lail) Ross (born O'Conner) Day, Month, 1865 Place 1942
Michael O'Conner 1894 1915
Patricia Donecho (born O'Conner) Day, Month, 1921 Day, Month, 2010
Ruchia F O'Conner (born Sholl) Day, Month, 1954
Nyman Edward Conner (O'Connor) Day, Month, 1917 USA Day, Month, 2004
Robert Conner (O'Connor) 1730 Place 1827
James Conner Or O'Connor Or Connier Day, Month, 1676 Place, United States Day, Month, 1725
Mary "Margaret" Winn Sr (born O'Connor Or Connor) 1708 Place, USA 1787
Mary Margaret Eskew Conner Or O'Connor Or Connier 1690 Place, United States 1751
Bridget Eldridge (born Connor / O'Conner) Day, Month, 1826 Place, Australia Day, Month, 1906
Mrs Mathilda (Maud) Micallef (born Portelli) Day, Month, 1879 Place, Malta Day, Month, 1964
Della Black/O'Conner (born Cronk) Day, Month, 1861 Place, Iowa Day, Month, 1936
Della Black/O'Conner (born Cronk) Day, Month, 1861 Place, Iowa Day, Month, 1936
Ada Margaret Robinson (born O`conner) 1856 Place 1916
Helan O`conner (born Bradley) Day, Month, 2064 Place Day, Month, 2099
Joseph O`conner Day, Month, 1904 Place, Canada 1950
Nora Almonrode (born O`conner) Day, Month, 1869 Place, USA Day, Month, 1915
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