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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Joannes Liver Liwer [840] Date, 1703 Place Day, Month, 1743
Anna Catharina Kolmisch [104] (born Liwer [105]) Day, Month, 1814 Place Day, Month, 1887
Maria Liwer [210] (born Kolmisch [211]) Date, 1770 Place Day, Month, 1841
Michael Liwer [210] Day, Month, 1765 Place Day, Month, 1846
Rebeque (Zerle) (Liwer (born Levi) 1760 Place, France Day, Month, 1825
Magdalena Liver Liwer [840] (born Lambert [841]) Day, Month, 1699 Place
Agathe (Jacket) (Liwer) (born Levi) Day, Month, 1803 Place, France
Anne Neuruth (born Liwer) Date, 1685
Brandia Liwer (born Spigler) Day, Month, 1875 Day, Month, 1952
Dominique Liwer (born Gleizer) Day, Month, 1947 Day, Month, 1991
Jerla / Erlia Liwer? (born Kupferminc) 1867 Place
Joannes Fredericus Liwer [1680] Day, Month, 1741
Lazar Liwer Day, Month, 1872 Day, Month, 1936
Michel Liwer Day, Month, 1934 Day, Month, 2010
Rachel Liwer (born Leiseirovich) Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 1969
Simon Liwer Day, Month, 1912 Day, Month, 1972
Germaine Liwer (born Frankel) 2000
Henri (Hirtzel) Lieber (Liwer) Day, Month, 1855
Kelman Liwer? 1865
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