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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Manuel Sánchez De Castro De La Ó Day, Month, 1812 Place, Venezuela Day, Month, 1889
Estefanía ( Estefânia ) Ruiz De Castro ( Rodríguez De Castro ) (born Alonso ( Alonso De Castilla )) "La Desdichada", * 1150 Place Day, Month, 1180
Fernán Ruiz De Castro ( Ruíz De Castro Y Ponce De León ) "Toda La Lealtad A España", 3º Conde De Lemos, Sarria Y Trastámara, ** Date, 1338 Place 1377
Consuelo Castro De La Garza (born Villarreal) Day, Month, 1897 Place Day, Month, 1994
Modesta Guillermina Morales Diaz (born Castro) Day, Month, 1930 Place Day, Month, 1995
Aurelia Castro De La Toba (born Martin Del Campo Medina) Day, Month, 1939 Place Day, Month, 2004
Roberto Castro De La Toba Day, Month, 1931 Place 2012
Rubén Baldemar Castro De La Toba Day, Month, 1927 Place Day, Month, 2006
Elba Olga Cristina Del Carmen Kautz Ramos (born Castro La Rosa) Day, Month, 1919 Place, Chile Day, Month, 1999
Victoria De Jesús Chang (born Castro Márquez De La Plata) Date, 1903 Place Day, Month, 1990
Ana Maria Fernandez De Castro (born De La Cerda Porcallo) 1634 Place, Mexico 1707
Mayor De La Garza De Trevino (born De Renteria Or De) Castro 1613 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1690
Clementina De La Huerta-Padrés (born De La Huerta-Castro) Day, Month, 1914 Place Day, Month, 1975
Julia De La Huerta-Padrés (born De La Huerta-Castro) Day, Month, 1913 Place 1988
Virginia De La Huerta-Castro (born Padrés-Barragán) Day, Month, 1874 Place Day, Month, 1965
Abigael De Mendoza (born De La Penha Castro) 1654 Spain Day, Month, 1751
Abigael De La Penha Castro (born Gomes) 1629 Spain 1663
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