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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Ester Kabakova (born Kabakov) Day, Month, 1894 Place, Belarus Day, Month, 1974
Raisa Vigdorovich (born Kabakova) Day, Month, 1893 Place Day, Month, 1975
Khava Kabakova (born Klebanova) 1917 Place 1942
Basia Kabakova (born Kabakov) Place, Belarus 1949
Dina Kabakova (born Polonskaia) Day, Month, 1907 Day, Month, 1994
Esfir Kabakova (born Krol') Day, Month, 1897 1984
Klavdia Kabakova (born Volodchenko) Day, Month, 1901 Day, Month, 1982
Lidiya Kabakova (born Kovaleva) Day, Month, 1925 Place Day, Month, 2012
Lidiya Kabakova (born Kovaleva) Day, Month, 1925 Place Day, Month, 2012
Ludmila Kabakova (born Tshurbaeva) Day, Month, 1936 Day, Month, 2005
Maia Kabakova (born Zeitman) Day, Month, 1927 Day, Month, 2002
Maria Kabakova (born Alekseeva) Day, Month, 1919 Day, Month, 1984
Polina Kabakova (born Krol') Day, Month, 1902 Day, Month, 1983
Sterna Kabakova (born Rabinovich) Day, Month, 1864 Day, Month, 1943
Tsitsilia Kabakova (born Milkina) 1907 1952
Alla Kabakova (born Batargina) Day, Month, 1935 Day, Month, 2009
Antonina Kabakova (born Ostrikova) Day, Month, 1952 Day, Month, 2011
Bronislava Kabakova (born Gilchenok) Day, Month, 1931 Day, Month, 2005
Esfir Mnuhina (born Kabakova) 1904 1995
Ester Kabakova (born Kormer) 1873 1958
Frina Kabakova (born Kabakov) 1922 1923
Genia Kabakova (born Tseitlina) 1922 1995
Hana Kabakova (born Peliks) 1899 1974
Liza Haikina (born Kabakova) 1900 1979
Maria Ditkovskaia (born Kabakova) 1984
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