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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Ingrid Edin (Kä) (born Andersson (Kä)) Day, Month, 1918 Place Day, Month, 1991
Sven Gotthard Edin (Kä) Day, Month, 1911 Place Day, Month, 1996
Ewa Ostafij (born Szuszko) Day, Month, 1912 Place Day, Month, 1989
Katarzyna, Teresa Zander (born M¹ka) Day, Month, 1925 Place Day, Month, 2001
Johanna Sophia Andersson (Kä) (born Johansson (Kä)) Day, Month, 1865 Place Day, Month, 1946
Maria/Maja (Stina) Jönsson Cederlöf (+Kä+) (born Jonsdotter (+Kä+)) Day, Month, 1792 Place Day, Month, 1872
Maja Greta Andersson (+Kä+) (born Fredricsdotter (+Kä+)) Day, Month, 1815 Place Day, Month, 1892
Emanuel Jönsson Cederlöf (+Kä+) Day, Month, 1794 Place Day, Month, 1852
Maria Christina Källström (born Emanuelsdotter Cederlöf (+Kä+)) Day, Month, 1833 Place Day, Month, 1914
Серафима Петровна Слепцова (born Kaлашникова) Day, Month, 1923 Place Day, Month, 1977
Haaheo "Lizzie' Ka'A'A (born Swift) Day, Month, 1881 Place Day, Month, 1963
Lizzie Kalihilihiokala Nunes (born Ka'A'A) Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1967
Minnie (Minarose) Kawailani Laeha (born Ka'A'A) Day, Month, 1906 Place Day, Month, 1954
Rose Piimoku Swain (born Ka'A'A) Day, Month, 1904 Place Day, Month, 1980
William Kauweaina Ka'A'A Sr. Day, Month, 1908 Place Day, Month, 1974
Mary Or Jane Wahanganoche (born Ka-Okee) 1622 Place 1704
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