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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Abdul Jaafar 1918 Place Day, Month, 1998
Abdul Aziz Jaafar Day, Month, 1935 Singapore Day, Month, 2005
Che Dah Jaafar 1920 Place 1990
Eskandar Jaafar 1910 Iran 2001
Ibrahim Jaafar Day, Month, 1942 Place Day, Month, 1973
Mokhtar Jaafar Day, Month, 1939 Place Day, Month, 2003
Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II Sultan Jaafar Safiuddin Muazzam Shah Day, Month, 1842 Day, Month, 1922
Edith (Normadiah) Jaafar (born Sumampouw) Day, Month, 1932 Place Day, Month, 2000
Masri Jaafar Day, Month, 1950 Place, Malaysia Day, Month, 2009
Muhamad Razali Jaafar Zahri Day, Month, 1982 Place, Malaysia Day, Month, 1982
Ibrahim Bin Mohamed Jaafar Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1971
Saadiah Muhd Jaafar (born Mohd Tahir) Date, 1905 Day, Month, 1992
Hj Abdul Rahim Jaafar 1920 Place, Malaysia 1984
Hj Abdul Rahim Jaafar 1920 Place, Malaysia 1984
Haji Mohamed Jaafar 1890 Place 1975
Maryam Sharif (born Jaafar) Day, Month, 1935 Place 2007
Ahmed Jaafar 1921 1993
Aisah Jaafar (born Saleh) Day, Month, 1951 Day, Month, 2010
Nuna Sapti (born Jaafar) 1915 1990
Nuna Sapti (born Jaafar) 1915 1990
Nuna Sapti (born Jaafar) 1915 1990
Nuna Sapti (born Jaafar) 1915 1990
Che Ma Jaafar @ Saad (born Ariffin) 1929 1993
Othman Jaafar @ Saad 1923 1977
Esah Abdul Rahman (born Jaafar) 2010
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