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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Flor Cosima Amina Dafne Häidee Gonzalez (born Abi Habbas) Day, Month, 1967 Place, Kuwait Day, Month, 2000
Laleila Ariadna Eunice Magali Najla Kanehiro (born Abi Habbas) Day, Month, 1980 Place, Kuwait Day, Month, 2007
Selene Maya Hunkington Abi Habbas (born Bin Arzubeih) Day, Month, 1952 Place Day, Month, 1998
Yedir Altair Farid Hiram Jibril Hunkington Abi Habbas Day, Month, 1964 Place Day, Month, 2003
Catharina Wertman (born Happes) Day, Month, 1790 Place, Pa Day, Month, 1879
Catharine Habbas (born Harr) Day, Month, 1755 Place, USA Day, Month, 1823
Catherine Habbas (born Harr) Day, Month, 1755 Place, Pennsylvania Day, Month, 1823
Johannes Michael Habbas Day, Month, 1753 Place, USA Day, Month, 1833
Johannes Michael II (Michael Hoppes) Habbas Day, Month, 1753 Place, Pa Day, Month, 1833
Anna Elizabeth Hoppes (Habbas) (born Zimmerman) 1678 Germany Day, Month, 1742
Johannes Michael, Sr. Hoppes (Habbas) 1724 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1787
Hans Michael Habss (Habbas) (Hoppes) Day, Month, 1688 Place
Johannes Michael I Habbas Date, 1725 Place, Germany
Noureddin Habbas 1968 2004
Abd Ghani Habbas 1973
Catherine Wadman (born Hoppes) Date, 1798
Christina Dusebaugh (born Hoppes) Date, 1795
Johannes Michael Habbas Place, Germany
Mottena Kistler (born Hoppes) Date, 1800
Olvertena Kuntz (born Hoppes) Date, 1796
Elizabeth Habss (Habbas) (Hoppes) (born Murr) 1654
Fiçale Habbas
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