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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Blasa Bataller Climent (born Moratal Muñoz) Day, Month, 1821 Place Day, Month, 1891
María Dolores Sigalat Mascarell (born Moratal Muñoz) Day, Month, 1834 Place Day, Month, 1904
Rosa Sigalat Mascarell (born Moratal Muñoz) Day, Month, 1830 Place Day, Month, 1911
Marie-Magdalena Jandíková Roz. Woltrová DC. Tomáše Woltra Z Viravy Jandík (born Po Mariini Smrti 20.11.1746 Oddán S Kateřinou - DC Jiřího Fabiána Z Lejšovky, (Děti - Kateřina-Alžběta 26.12.1747 , Anna 25.1.1751, Karel 27.5.1756, Karel 24.2.1762) 1711 Place Day, Month, 1746
Fabiana Cassia Rosa (Fabiana) Nunes (born Fabiana De Cassia Rosa Nunes) Day, Month, 1977 Place, sc
Fabiana De Mattos Santana Fabiana De Mattos Santana Fourakis (born Oliveira) Day, Month, 1976 Place
Fabiana Braga De Oliveira Dos Reis (born Fabiana Braga De Oliveira) Day, Month, 1984 Place
Elisa Sueki Kawazoe (born Fabiana Mologni Kawazoe (Fábi)) Day, Month, 2008 Day, Month, 2009
Stefanie Zuster Fabiana (born Berteloot) Day, Month, 1892 Place Day, Month, 1970
Rosa Moratal Lloréns (born Moñoz Fabiana) Place
Giocondo Guidi (Padre DI Fabiana Day, Month, 1908 Day, Month, 1981
Maria Bruna Guidi (Padre DI Fabiana (born Grumoli) Day, Month, 1908 Day, Month, 1981
Rosa Muñoz Fabiana (born Muñoz) Place
Agnieszka S. Fabiana I Anny Po Ant. Czuba (born Niemiec) Day, Month, 1873 Day, Month, 1891
Carmella La Manna (born Fabiana) Date, 1833 Date, 1878
Frantiska Boczek (born Fabiana) 1804 Place
Frantiska Boczek (born Fabiana) 1804 Place
Frantiska Boczek (born Fabiana) 1804 Place
Girard, Marie Mathilde Fidèle (born Fabiana) Day, Month, 1887 Day, Month, 1918
Fabiana Alves Bacco (born Fabiana Alves) Day, Month, 1974 Day, Month, 2003
Fabiana Cordeiro Da Costa Pinto Fabiana Cordeiro Da Costa Pinto (born Costa Pinto) Day, Month, 1976 Day, Month, 2011
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