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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Joyce Fairhurst /Austwick/Macalpine Burgess (born Darbyshire) Day, Month, 1923 Place Day, Month, 1994
Walter Aston Burgess And Lt. Col. 1607 Place, England Day, Month, 1656
Thomas Pettus The Burgess Day, Month, 1712 Place, VA Day, Month, 1761
Martha Lowe, Burgess, Clarke (born Medwin) 1805 Place, England Day, Month, 1882
Alex Burgess Duff ( Burgess ) Day, Month, 1886 Place Day, Month, 1971
Augustine (Col) Warner I, Immigrant" Justice And Burgess Of York And Gloucester Co, Speaker Of House Day, Month, 1611 Place, England Day, Month, 1674
Mary Warner I, Immigrant" Justice And Burgess Of York And Gloucester Co, Speaker Of House (born Townley, "Immigrant") Day, Month, 1614 Place, England Day, Month, 1662
Annette Robbins (born Robbins [Burgess]) Day, Month, 1861 Place, Utah Day, Month, 1950
Mary Elizabeth D Burgess (born Rathbone) Day, Month, 1893 Place Day, Month, 1974
James Crewes Burgess Date, 1623 Place, England Day, Month, 1677
Betty Vincent (born Betsy /Burgess) Day, Month, 1775 Place, Vermont Day, Month, 1853
Jane Burgess (born Dawson Burgess) Day, Month, 1848 Place, England Day, Month, 1933
Captain John Bishop, Burgess Of Virginia I 1590 Place, Scotland 1656
Elias Burdge/Burgess Day, Month, 1896 Place, Canada Day, Month, 1983
Elizabeth Burfess (Burgess) (born Pye) Date, 1572 Place, England Date, 1622
Thomas Burfess (Burgess) Day, Month, 1601 Place, England Day, Month, 1685
Honor Burfess(Burges) (Burgess) (born Sidman) 1558 Place, England Day, Month, 1623
Thomas Burfess(Burges) (Burgess) 1540 Place, England Day, Month, 1623
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