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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Bernard Cohen 27 Jan 1939 Deed Poll Changed Name To Bernard Day, Month, 1911 Place Day, Month, 1992
Rev. Bernhard Michael Houseal "Bernard Michael" Day, Month, 1727 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1799
Rachel Elizabeth Bernard (born Gosser Bernard) Day, Month, 1847 Place, United States Day, Month, 1928
Bernardino Pettiti # Bernard Day, Month, 1897 Place 1982
Thérèse Pettiti # Bernard (born Aragno) Day, Month, 1906 Place Day, Month, 1999
Marie/Joséphine François/Hubert /Lesueur (born Joséphine /Bernard) Day, Month, 1815 Place Day, Month, 1863
Anne Marie Bernard (born Jouffre Bernard) N° 27 Day, Month, 1813 Place Day, Month, 1874
Mahaut De La Roche-Bernard (born De Montfort) Day, Month, 1214 Place 1279
Jean De Laval Seigneur De La Roche-Bernard Et De Belle-Isle Day, Month, 1437 Place, France Day, Month, 1476
John De Vaux Lord Of Bernard Castle 1225 Place, England 1288
Alberto De Jesus Dominguez Bernard Day, Month, 1886 Place 1983
Eloisa Adela Medina Benavidez (born Dominguez Bernard) Day, Month, 1875 Place 1956
Esther Melitona Acebal (born Dominguez Bernard) Day, Month, 1883 Place 1968
Felipe Eduardo Cayetano Dominguez Bernard Day, Month, 1881 Place 1960
Jose Santos Del Carmen Dominguez Bernard 1872 Place 1949
Maria Del Pilar Maglione (born Dominguez Bernard) Day, Month, 1878 Place 1960
1 of 11,453 pages


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