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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Sarah Jones - Alexander (born Mccabe) Day, Month, 1875 Place 1957
Julia Bassus (born De Cilicia Alexander) Date Place, Turkey Date
Phebe Phebe Goodale -- Mrs. Alexander (Or Eliab) Goodale (born Martin) Day, Month, 1787 Place, Maine 1869
Alexander Johansson Ingers Alexander Johansson Day, Month, 1838 Place 1839
Georgina Reid Hood (Alexander) (born Moncur) Day, Month, 1883 Place 1961
Viola Margaret Wing (born Allen) Alexander Day, Month, 1892 Place Day, Month, 1983
Cheryl Ann Nixon/Alexander (born Bottoms) Day, Month, 1954 Place, California Day, Month, 2005
Arend Josias De Kock Aka 'Alexander' 1660 Place
Sv Ma Arend Josias De Kock Aka 'Alexander' 1660 Place
Harriet Jane Axanter/Alexander (born Horne) Day, Month, 1846 Place Day, Month, 1923
Anne Alexander (born Axtell Alexander) 1680 Place, England Day, Month, 1751
Francisca Lozano (born Sánchez Alexander) Day, Month, 1900 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1975
Grace Robertia Baker (born Roberta /Alexander) Day, Month, 1901 Place, Missouri Day, Month, 1988
Cecil Alexander (born Lra Cecil Alexander) Day, Month, 1922 Place, United States Of America Day, Month, 2005
Louisa Alexander (born Kn ( Alexander )) Day, Month, 1781 Place Day, Month, 1850
Alexander Mattsson Klemets Alexander Mattsson Day, Month, 1887 Place Day, Month, 1933
Corneleus Alexander Dunaway Corneleus Alexander Day, Month, 1884 Place, Illinois Day, Month, 1940
Corneleus Alexander Dunaway Corneleus Alexander Day, Month, 1884 Place, Illinois Day, Month, 1940
Margaret (Margaret Of Ochiltree) Lord Brechin (born Bonkyl) Dau Alexander De Bonkyl 1288 Place, Scotland 1304
Jeanie Wight Grant (born (M) Alexander) Day, Month, 1895 Day, Month, 1986
Anthony Best-Alexander 1681 Place, North Carolina 1741
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