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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Chloe Blizard (born N.N. (Mrs. Blizard)) 1758 Place 1819
Chloe Blizard (born N.N. (Mrs. Blizard)) 1758 Place 1819
Lurenah Blizard (born N.N. (Mrs. Blizard)) 1735 France 1817
Mária Vida (born Šnircová) Day, Month, 1778 Place Day, Month, 1833
Maria Del Carmen Paulina Rivero Junco (born Noriega Fernandez) Day, Month, 1948 Place Day, Month, 2011
Britta Knudsdatter Norsving (born Holien) Day, Month, 1836 Place Day, Month, 1925
Zděna Doubková (born Nežerková) 1923 Day, Month, 1999
Gjartrud Olsdotter Kvåle (born Nerre Kvåle) 1678 Place 1759
Margarida Anna Reig Verdera (born Nierga Bosch) Date, 1705 Place Day, Month, 1763
Margarita Reig Verdera (born Nierga Bosch) 1705 Place Day, Month, 1763
Sr. Julio Humberto Nieri Cabrera Day, Month, 1931 Place Day, Month, 2011
Anna Gertrud Niersbach Day, Month, 1716 Place Day, Month, 1725
Anna Margarethe Carl (born Niersbach) Day, Month, 1707 Place Day, Month, 1728
Anna Maria Niersbach (born Heins) Day, Month, 1737 Place Day, Month, 1800
Anna Maria Wahlholtz (born Niersbach) Date, 1713 Place Day, Month, 1762
Anne Pompey (born Niersbach) Day, Month, 1904 Place Day, Month, 1993
Barbara Niersbach (born Heinz) Day, Month, 1779 Place Day, Month, 1827
Catharina Schmitz (born Niersbach) Day, Month, 1775 Place Day, Month, 1842
Catharina Niersbach (born Zeimetz) Day, Month, 1820 Place Day, Month, 1879
Christoph Niersbach Day, Month, 1711 Place Day, Month, 1742
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